10 Things Not To Say To Your Girlfriend

Everyone’s been there; staring in the dreamy eyes of the one you find very special. You find yourself being lost in the moment – totally comfortable with yourself, and the thoughts in your mind come pouring out. Unfortunately however, sometimes these things are things that would better off if you keep it to yourself.

1) “Look how pretty you used to be” It’s understandable – you are flipping through Facebook photos and you are looking at old photos of you and your girlfriend and taking some time to reflect back on the “lighter” days.

2) “How ya doin’ Chubby?” Don’t you just want to say the weirdest things sometimes? Of course this is one of them that you definitely hold your tongue on. Although it may seem extremely funny to you to say it (and it probably is) should think twice about it or pay the consequences.

3) “Are you going to eat that?” This goes for all of you people on that first date out there at the fancy restaurant. This is definitely a “no no” as it shows you have absolutely no manners and it will leave her wondering: “If he does that on the first date, what is he going to do when we get to know each other a little better?”

4) “Where are your ankles?” Even though your girlfriend might have cankles, that doesn’t mean that you have the right to call her out on it.

5) “Babe put your head under the covers – I have a surprise for you.” Saying this one will ensure that she doesn’t spend the night as no girl likes to be around for the dutch oven – if she does then you know you either have a keeper, or a really – really weird girlfriend…

6) “You are just like my mother!” This one really depends on who your girlfriend is, and who your mother is. Chances are however – that she does not want to be associated with your mother in any way shape or form.

7)“Hey, you look like you want to go to work with me and put in some hours!” Whether you provide SEO services for living or work at a paper mill, and whether you say it with a wink and a smile or straight faced – the answer is still always going to be the same: “NO!” (or at least that is what they are thinking).

8)“Hey, is the laundry done yet?” No girl likes this to be said to them, as well as “Hey hunny, is dinner done yet?” You can expect them to say “Hey hunny WHY DONT YOU COOK IT YOURSELF!”

9)“What is this – All about *Insert Her Name* Day?” Yes it is very true that your girlfriend will probably demand a lot of attention from you on a daily (and quite annoying) basis sometimes – but that doesn’t mean that you should pull this stunt and use this saying… Trust me – it never helps.

10) “She’s Hot.” Last but not least, you should never say that another woman is very attractive to you. This will call for instance madness attitude from them. And yes this still goes for when you are watching a movie together and Jessica Alba pops up on the screen.


About the author: This article was written by Phillip Russell. Philip blogs for www.inetzeal.com where you can get a Local Business Listing. In his spare time, he likes to say funny things to his girlfriend.

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