20 Hilariously Stupid Signs


Who mentioned asking Google? I’ll go with Siri!

BEWARE!!! When you are trying to break into this property, better read the sign two times – You will be shot dead either way!!

Now who is getting fed and who is getting molested by whom? For sure it won’t be this big croc!

Weirdest Asian toilet you will ever see. Where else can you see a warning that someone’s sneaking while you pee?

Now talk about irony! You bet I’ll try my luck!

We didn’t know until now that Leonidas has his own sign! Now what is your profession?

Who wouldn’t want 50 grand? Oops! Someone’s getting a slap of reality brother!

Could someone give me a statistic of this place’s population? Or are they practicing safe sex here?

A few lights off and it increases the sale ten folds a night!

Even the dead are selling things on short sale! Damn economy!

No Checking if it’s real or fake?

What if you don’t have any balls? Does that make a difference?

I wonder how they shoot their poop? And how their toilet seats look like?

Why would I have an engine on my butt?

Now who is singing with me?

How can this sign be of any use? What the heck- why is it even there??

Wasn’t the STOP sign enough?

Really don’t know what to do? where to go?

Thanks!! You just saved my life!

The good thing is that if you die, you won’t need to pay the fine.

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