7 Miraculous, Near Death Escapes

Escaping from a Train


As a general rule of thumb, stand behind the yellow line. Most important: do not run across the tracks like an idiot.

Seaworld- Kill Whale Lands on Head


You thought Shamu was cute until he did a 12,000lb back-flip onto his trainer. The man survived, but decided not to work with whales anymore.

Truck Flattens Car


This video is absolutely crazy. Who knew a car was even under the truck? Although the car gets completely leveled, the guy trapped inside gets out and walks away. He must have said his “Hail Marys.”

The Luckiest Idiot in the World


How is it possible make this, continuing driving, and not S#&! your pants?

The Ultimate Belly Flop


The guy must have broken some ribs. According to the YouTube description, he “lost control of his body position mid-way through the dive.” Question is- was he ever in control? Doesn’t look like it.

Almost Hit by a Bus & Car


This is exactly why you should refrain from trying to “make the light.”

The Rally Crash


Wait…did the car really continue the race after slamming into a crowd of pedestrians? The gold plated, plastic trophy better be worth it.



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