8 Strange Foods that will Make You Cringe

Cultures from around the world share different tastes in food. We have our favorites as well as things we dislike. For some, this list may look like pictures of spaghetti and apples. For others, be prepared. The following shows some of the strangest foods from around the world.

Bird’s Nest Soup

You won’t find dirt or twigs in this Chinese delicacy. It’s primarily made up of bird saliva. If you’re thinking about having a taste, beware. Bird’s nest soup isn’t cheap. It ranges between $30-$100 per bowl.


Essentially, you’re eating a dead baby in its own yolk. Balut is a fertilized duck or chicken egg. It’s a common street food in Southeast Asia and is socially consumed with beer. Side note: I would not recommended eating this in front of a vegan.

Live Octopus (Sannakji)


Sannakji is a Korean dish that is usually chopped into small pieces and served in sesame oil. You can eat the octopus whole, but it may be difficult to swallow. It’s recommended to chew the octopus tentacles thoroughly to prevent suction cups from clinging to your esophagus.

Giant Water Bugs

Giant water bugs are an Asian delicacy that are served steamed or mashed into a spicy dipping sauce. But why not just steam a cockroach? It would save a trip to the store.

Fried Tarantulas

Tarantulas are served deep fried with spicy seasoning and are an everyday snack in Cambodia. Is there anything  worse that could come deep fried?  

Insect Sushi

For some, the California roll might be the limit. For others, there doesn’t seem to be a limit. Insect sushi is high in protein and inexpensive. It’s becoming the newest “fad” in Japan. What’s next- balut sushi? Please no.

Snake Wine

According to traditional Chinese medicine, snake wine is suppose to reinvigorate a person. The snake used for snake wine is poisonous, however the toxins are neutralized during fermentation. The scorpion thrown on top is just an added bonus.

Tuna Eyeball

Just put in water and boil. Season and enjoy.

Is it time now for a throw up break?

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