Amazing Things You Thought You Could Never Do

Have you ever felt the urge to do something a little bit crazy? Something that you’ve never done before and thought you could never do? Normal daily life has a habit on getting on top of you, and the routine of going to work, coming home, going to work and coming home again (repeat!) can make anyone go a little bit stir crazy. Thankfully, doing something out of the ordinary is easier now than ever before, so there’s nothing holding you back from dusting off those old dreams and chasing some serious adrenaline fixes.

We’ve all dreamed of doing something, so we thought it would make an interesting post to list some of favourite wacky activities and show you how you can do them:

Drive a Formula One Car
Formula 1What human male (or indeed female) has never wanted to drive the fastest cars on the planet? For many people, driving a formula one car is a far off dream, never to be realised. However, you might be surprised to find out that quite a few race tracks now offer F1 experience days. For your money you’ll get a proper training and safety briefing, tuition and the chance to drive a formula one car and experience the sheer acceleration that no other car can offer.

Ride a Motorbike Around the World
Oh yes, the thought of taking off for a few months on two wheels must be an appealing prospect to many people. Organising a trip of such magnitude can be a logistical nightmare and requires skill and experience. Thankfully, there are companies out there who can organise and co-ordinate the whole thing for you. We found this amazing trip from London to Magadan taking 105 days and the price includes all the organisation, training, accommodation and transporting your bike back to base. We also found trips from London to Sydney and many more excursions for those wanting something a bit different. Rock and Roll!


Drive a Tank
TankAs far as driving experiences go, you couldn’t ask for anything more different than spending a day driving round in a tank. If you’ve always fancied driving some hefty military vehicles, we found this cracking experience day out giving you the chance to drive four separate vehicles including several huge tanks. If you’ve also felt the urge to fire off a few mortar rounds then that desire will also satisfied because you’ll get taught how to fire a 17th century mortar!


Space Travel
Ok, so this might be a bit of a stretch for some people, but if you happen to have a spare $200,000 available for a day out then you could become one of the world’s first space tourists. There’s no firm news yet as to when the first flights will be available, but Virgin Galactic have been developing and building a series of spacecraft designed to give ordinary people a taste of space travel. Although the price tag is huge and you might be waiting some time, it would certainly be a day to remember!

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