Beautiful Women at 40

Gina Gershon

Elizabeth Hurley

Here is a collection of some models, actresses, and singers who are at the age of 40 or older.

Halle Berry

Kate Walsh

Denise Richards

Lucy Liu

Ellen Barkin

Courteney Cox

Demi Moore

Gwen Stefani

Naomi Watts

Salma Hayek

Shania Twain

Mary-Louise Parker

Sandra Bullock

Gillian Anderson

Jorja Fox

Marisa Tomei

Jennifer Aniston

Carla Bruni

Charisma Carpenter

Famke Janssen

Sela Ward

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Monica Bellucci

Vanessa Williams

Catherine Bell

Jennifer Tilly



Shay says:

are they really 40? I now feel super old… even though I am younger than them

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