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35 Pics that prove how smartphones are taking over the world

smartphones world 01

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28 Funny puns that are too clever for their own good

funny puns 01

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People who took signs a bit too literally (22 Photos)

These people took the instructions a bit more literally than most people do.

obeying signs1

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Funny office notes you wish you find at work (21 Photos)

Most of us find work boring and if you find these notes at your work, i bet your work will be a lot more funny and interesting.

Funny office notes 1

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These perfectly timed pics will make you look twice (32 Photos)

You know what makes a picture amazing? I’d say it’s the timing. It’s all in the timing and that makes it unique and memorable. These pics are so perfectly timed that you will have a look at them twice.

perfectly timed pics 01

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Hilarious and weird places people fall asleep (30 Photos)

Some people can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. And this is the proof!

weird places 01

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Totally drunk people and their funny pics they left behind (28 Photos)

Alcohol does weird things to people, if you don’t agree take a look at these photos as proof.

Totally drunk 1

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Just a Normal Day On The Road (27 Photos)

It's Just A Normal Day On Road 001
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