Celebrity Divorces So Exciting Hollywood Couldn’t Make Them Up

It seems like the latest Hollywood trend isn’t shoes or handbags – it’s divorce. Splitting up is a sure fire way for our beloved fame whores to raise their reality show ratings. A few celebrities will remain in our hearts as some of the most infamous divorcees. Let’s take a look at the top six celebrity divorces that saturated the tabloids.

Kate Plus 8 Minus Jon

Creating more drama than their five season reality show, the divorce of Jon and Kate Gosselin could be predicted by everyone but the couple themselves. Both claimed that it was just time for each of them to go their separate ways and that their children are the highest priority. But Jon fully embraced the bachelor life, clubbing and dating young women way out of his league, all before the divorce was even finalized.

Kardashians Keeping Up With the Divorce Rate

The allegedly fraudulent marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries ended after only 72 days. The couple is still trying to finalize the separation, even though they have now been apart for longer than they were married. Turns out, an obscenely expensive wedding doesn’t equal lifelong happiness. It’s okay Kim, first marriages in Hollywood are for practice anyways.

Newlydivorcees: Nick and Jessica

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey seemed to have the perfect relationship until, after three years of marriage, they hopped aboard the divorce train. Their two season TV show, “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica” brought about great controversy as to which of the two really is the dumb blonde.

The Real Housewives of Divorce Court

Sometimes a marriage really isn’t meant to be, which is apparent with Countess Luann de Lesseps and ex-husband Count Alexandre. Alex cheated on Luann with an Ethiopian woman in Geneva and told her about it in an email. He decided that a text message was a little too informal.

Hogan Doesn’t Know Best

Linda Bollea shows us that divorce is really about taking them for all they’ve got. After she and Hulk Hogan divorced in 2009, Linda got 70 percent of the couple’s liquid assets and 40 percent ownership of Hulk’s companies, not to mention a couple nice cars. Just goes to show that marriage is really about what you can get out of the divorce.

WWE: Wives Want Everything

Divorce isn’t always fun and games, and John Cena is finding that out the hard way. Elizabeth Cena is scrutinizing every detail of the divorce papers John filed, saying they are riddled with inaccuracies and should be thrown out. Looks like Liz won’t let go of her wrestler hubby, ’cause let’s face it, she’s never going to do any better.


Which celebrity pair do you think had the most dramatic divorce?

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