Excellent Sculptures Made Out Of Old Magazines

We, most of the time, after reading magazine throws it to in dustbin. But there are many things that we can do with the old magazine. Making a paper plane could be one of the simplest thing to do for every one. It’s the simplest and easiest form of paper art, for this case a flying art.

You may have known David Mack (David Mach) the sculpture artist was born in 1956, in 1979, graduated from the College of Arts Dzhordanston.

He created original sculptures and installations. However, there are a lot of things that can be made out of used paper.

He Works in different techniques and with different materials.

They can turn the basic form of origami – which is folding a paper in half – together with a little cutting, folding, bending, shaping, and more paper folding, into an utmost creative artwork you have ever seen.

One of his latest projects is “work from old magazines”. Of these, he created impressive columns and huge waves that engulf and carry various real objects, from figurines to the aircraft.

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