Most Popular Cat Breeds In America

Most animal lovers know that the Labrador Retriever has been the most popular dog breed in the U.S. for a long time. He is followed closely by the German Shepherd, the Yorkie, and the Golden Retriever. But how many of us know which cat breeds are the most popular? For lovers of cats. We bring you the top ten most popular breeds in the U.S. according to the American Association of breeders.

The list is provided in the reverse order. Just as the top dog breeds are varied in their looks, size and personalities, the top 10 cat breeds in the U.S. are very different from each other.

The Sphinx. Velvety skin – the main feature of the breed Sphynx cats. It is curious, intelligent and funny animals. It likes the attention. (Photo by Quentin Descotte)

Russian Blue. Calm, intelligent, and easy to love. Very fond of his family, and not as demanding as many other breeds. (Photo by ColleenOK)

This breed is not the tail, but a lot of energy. It likes to play and meowing. Some Manx devote his love to some one of the family. (Photo by Lawrence Wright)

American Shorthair. This version of pedigree domestic shorthair cat and seventh most popular breed of cats in the United States. Casual nature, love for all kinds of fun and patience make this cat popular pet in the house. He gets along very well with the guests and other pets. (Photo by Yiqun Ding)

The Himalayan. This breed came by crossing the Persian and Siamese. He absorbed all the best from the two breeds – calm Persian and Siamese curiosity. (Photo by Barry Newcombe)

Bengal. Energetic, intelligent, active, and independent – this is just some of the words that describe Bengal cat breed. This cat is not so much likes to sit on my hands, but it also requires a lot of attention. It can even be taught to lead. (Photo by Fermata Daily)

Ragdoll. You will be won over by these blue eyes, and a calm nature and ability to make friends with everyone but will add a pleasant impression of these cats. (Photo by Twinkledoll)

The Maine Coon. This is a true gentle giant. He gets along well with others, even with the dogs! Cats of this breed often go for their owners from room to room. And it’s hard to miss – the representatives of this breed can weigh up to 8.2 kg! (Photo by Andrea Simmons Abbott)

The Persian. Glamorous Persians – the second most popular cat breed in the U.S.. This is a very gentle, quiet and inquisitive pet. Besides, just look at his attractive face! Because of his hair, of course, can be a lot of problems, but it’s worth it.(Photo by Tersn)

the Siamese. The winner in the list of the most popular breeds in the United States has become the Siamese breed. Their blue eyes captivate many, but it is due to their nature, these cats have won the first place. They love to “talk” (even at night), but their curiosity is a legend! (Photo by Tersn)

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