Mummy On Shanghai Metro

From a Shanghai Citizen Blog

This afternoon I rode the Line 2 subway to go take care of some stuff. When we got to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum stop, suddenly a “mummy” got on board. At the time, it started everyone on the car. This “mummy,” upon boarding, everyone took out their cameras to take pictures. The subways these days are really too awesome. A while ago there was Superman, a Deer Man, and now comes a “mummy.” The world really is full of extraordinary things.


Throughout this entire “mummy” incident, it seemed like he was enjoying it 100%, and would greet the other passengers, even attempting to shake hands. “Han!” At the time, he immediately scared a female passenger next to him, and she used a book to block her face! She kept saying to the “mummy” to hurry and go away, that he was too scary. The “mummy” gave very generous performance!

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