Red Beach in China (15 Photos)

Every year thousands of tourists goes Panjin, northeast China’s Liaoning Province to see the red beach. It becomes red in autumn, when the coastal marine algae begin to die getting red.

Red algae – is not only microorganisms, due to which its name was Red Sea. It is also guilty of “bloody surf ‘on the beaches of china’s liaoning province.

The name “red algae” brings together many types of plants – from very small single-celled creatures, limp wearable trends in sea thicker, up to a sort of sea grass – which, unlike our usual green plants, painted in provocative red.

Why are they so red, you ask? The fact that these algae are actually perfectly absorb almost the entire visible solar spectrum: in fact, they are very colorful, and happy to eat red, green, blue and ultraviolet rays.

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