Sculptures Made of Cardboard (29 Photos)

Chris Gilmore was born in Stockport, UK, in 1973, but now lives in Udine, Italy. With just cardboard and glue, Chris creates incredible sculptures that do not need any props and frames. All that you now see, is made of cardboard.

All the works of Gilbert are made of full size, and are objects that we encounter every day – a typewriter, car, bicycle, wheelchair. (Marco De Palma)

His works are a blank canvas on which viewers can already project their own memories and experiences. (Marco De Palma)

All work is inexplicably pulled to itself, causing a desire to use them. (Marco De Palma)

owever, the reason for the choice of subjects was almost always the same – they bring back memories that are associated with them. (Marco De Palma)

Since these works are not only visual but also conceptual, the author choose their appearance and cultural characteristics. (Marco De Palma)

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