The Great Olympic Games Continued…. ( 26 Photos )

The Olympic Games 2012 become more formal in its second part Writes Sergei Share. It was not such a rich and dynamic like “Island of Wonders”, but solemn tone remained high. It started with awesome crackers and fireworks. The opening of the event was looking great as every people were getting attracted towards it. The Russian flag was carried by Maria Sharapova. In the stadium the audience was enjoying each and every moment of this event.

The field at the stadium was divided by sector submission and passage, each team wound up in its sector. This part struck me as slightly prolonged, though, if you think, do the passages of 205 teams in short, it is unlikely we would have.

National teams were headed, as a rule, three people: the standard-bearer – his role performed the national celebrity – and two girls, one with the sign of the country and the other with copper petals, which later became part of the huge Olympic torch.

Team USA were the largest and stretches for more than half of the stadium.

At the time of their passage over the stadium flew the helicopter and dropped some incredible amount of confetti. Within a few seconds, the stadium has brought just such a festive “snow.”

BBC claims that the number of Confetti – 7 billion, one for each person on the planet.

All Englishmen were in white.

Finishing passes fireworks.

Then came the cyclists with wings and circled the entire stadium. One of them soared in the field, what is recalled a scene from “ET” Spielberg.

The first speaker was the head of the Organizing Committee of the Games in 2012, the world champion on the run, which took its first gold at the 1980 Olympics in Moscow.

Game opened in 2012 the Queen of Great Britain. It should say it all, she bravely stayed in the stadium, which at her age can be considered a feat.

Again a colorful fireworks displayed on the opening of the occasion.

Then, carried a large Olympic flag and hoisted it next to the flag of the United Kingdom.

It’s time to light the Olympic flame. Until recently, remained an intrigue – who will get such an honor? Many thought it would be Beckham, but he only drove the torch on a boat to the stadium.

He brought the torch into the arena, and then gave seven young athletes.

They ran a lap of honor around the stadium, passing the torch to each other.

All the while, in the center of the field was located complicated construction of the 205 copper leaves. The boys set fire to the extreme of them and started a fire on everyone.

In the end, they gathered in one big Olympic flame.

This was again followed by a fireworks display.

Ended the evening performance of McCartney, who sang “Hey Jude”. Of course, he is not quite young, and a couple of times his voice summed up. But still it was so emotional that all jumped from their seats and began to sing.

The musician’s fee for speaking at the Games was a symbolic one pound.

From fireworks left a lot of smoke, which was used in the final laser show.

That’s it: the discovery has come to an end and we headed for the exit. Next to the stadium built a tower, “Orbit,” which because of its strange shape was controversial.

The show ended in the second half, and another hour we left the stadium. We needed to buses, but the passage overlapped crowd, marching in the metro.

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