Top Three Movie Sex Scenes to Roleplay

Sometimes bedroom fantasies can become redundant.  How many times can you get off to your man knocking on the door and announcing “Pizza’s here”?  Pizza delivery boys are rarely that attractive.

That’s why we have Hollywood.  There’s plenty of steamy smut in movies and many celebrities willing to bare it all now-a-days.  Hell, even High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens bared her bajingo in “private” photos.  So why not steal some sex scenes from movies for your bedroom foreplay?

The three I’ve listed below are the hottest Hollywood sex scenes in my opinion.

3. Secretary

This independent film plays around with the typical fantasy of a boss sleeping with his secretary and definitely requires some good role playing and a kinky side.  In the movie Maggie Gyllenhaal is the secretary of James Spader (a sexy 2002 James Spader, not the receding hairline 2011 Spader).  When she makes a typo Spader has Gyllenhaal bend over his desk and read the document back to him.  Then he spanks her.   At first she’s surprised.  “Did that motherfucker just hit me?”  When he repeats it over and over it becomes clear that she likes it.  Turns out Maggie Gyllenhaal is a kinky little freak (in the movie at least).

I know Broke Back Mountain is a big movie talked about when sex scenes come up, but I think that Maggie has her brother Jake beat (and the scene from Secretary isn’t even technically a sex scene, although I’m pretty sure Maggie got off from it).  In my opinion, BDSM > Cowboy Sodomy.

2. Sin City

Everyone remembers Rosario Dawson’s sexy leather bondage outfit in Sin City.  Second to that is the kiss that she and Clive Owen share after he smacks her.  It’s a tense moment, of course, because she just got bitch slapped in front of her crew who are all like “Whaaaat?”  Her bitches go into defense mode, ready to beat the shit out of Clive Owen, but waiting for Rosario’s response.  Bet they didn’t expect her to kiss him.  Or maybe they did, she is after all wearing a bondage outfit.

Technically it’s an everything-but-sex scene, but it was so hot that it deserves to be classified as a sex scene.  If you got a problem with that take it up with Rosario’s crew of bondage bitches.

1. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Back when Brad Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston he was already getting it on with Angelina Jolie— on screen of course.  In Mr. and Mrs. Smith, once the husband and wife duo find out that their significant other is a spy, they go at it to take each other out.  Shots are fired, furniture is broken and in the midst of all the fighting they get really turned on.  Of course they get turned on!  The whole fight was basically foreplay.  They weren’t really going to take each other out.

This scene always makes me wonder if that’s how sex between Angelina and Brad is now.  Do they need to chase each other around the house breaking things to get turned on?  If so, they must have to send their adopted village of children to another city when they get it on.  Good thing they have the funds to do so.


By Sarah Lucas, who occasionally takes a break from writing to sell lingerie online.


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