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9 Hilarious Versions of the Unimpressed Lizard Meme

by Ramon

Redditor ehar101 uploaded an image that his girlfriend sent him to the photoshop battles subreddit so photoshop wizards can edit this unimpressed lizard into some funny and awesome photos! The results are magnificent.

Here’s the original image.

original unimpressed lizard

I’ve Been Expecting You!

unimpressed lizard next to the fireplace
by stupid_cornballer

Yeah man, whatever…

by stupid_cornballer

It might be a trap!

by llamatodd

In a Jacuzzi

by sndwav

Press secretary

by markusthemad

19th Century Lizard

by Vindria

Winter is Coming

unimpressed lizard gane of thrones
by mrstratman7

Grand Theft Lizard

Grand Theft Lizard
by Bodenz

15 minutes could save you 15% or more on lizard insurance

unimpressed lizard geico
by Kim_Jong_Unchained

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