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Dance Party in the Operating Room

by Ramon

Just before Deborah Cohan had both of her breasts removed, mother of two and an OBGYN had a dance party in the OR with her surgical team at a hospital in San Francisco.

Cohan asked her friends and family to record their own “Get Me Bodied” flash mob and upload it to YouTube.

“I have visions of a healing video montage,” Cohan wrote on her CaringBridge page. “Nothing brings me greater joy than catalyzing others to dance, move, be in their bodies. Are you with me people?”

Here are couple of her friends dancing to Beyonce’s song:

And here colleagues:

And the good news is that according to the latest update from Deb, the surgery was a success, she is in good spirits, and there is currently “no visible lymph node involvement.”

via buzzfeed

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