Awesome Mash-Up Of Minions And Fast And Furious Trailers

Tug of Oar

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12 Funny Pregnancy Announcements

10 Funny Pregnancy Announcements 001

Don’t Watch This If You’re Afraid of Flying


This Guy Gave A Homeless Man $100, Then Followed Him To See How He Spends It… You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

Josh Paler Lin wanted to make a video and see how his money gets spent when he gives it to a homeless person. So he gave some guy $100 and followed him around to see what he buys. The results were truly unexpected.

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Watch This Ski Video And Try Not To Piss Your Pants!

This YouTube clip by Cody Townsend, a professional skier, shows him skiing down the most insane ski line you’ll see. The narrow path is in Alaska’s Tordrillo mountains.


This 1-Minute Video Shows How Beauty Has Changed Over The Past 100 Years

The team at Cut Video took one model through 100 years of female beauty, during which she plays a flapper in the 1920s, pins up the victory rolls of the 1940s and channels Alanis Morissette through the 1990s.


Did You Know There Is A Secret Apartment At The Top Of The Eiffel Tower?!

Although the Eiffel Tower is known to the world for many impressive features, an apartment was never one of them.

The apartment is not a new addition to the Eiffel Tower, it has been there since the opening day in 1889.

The Eiffel Tower – Paris, France

You will be shocked by seeing this Fabulous Apartment at the top of Eiffel Tower 001
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