Watch A Giant Grouper Swallow A 4-Foot Shark In One Terrifying Bite

This is definitely something you don’t see everyday! Apparently this goliath grouper’s mom never told him to not eat anything bigger than his head.


Maine Man, 19, Poses For New Mugshot Wearing T-Shirt With Photo Of His Old Mug Shot

robert burt

19-year-old Robert Burt had some fun when he posed for a mugshot while wearing a T-shirt with a booking photo from an earlier bust.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Reunite for ‘Barely Legal Pawn’

Wouldn’t a Breaking Bad sequel be just awesome?! Picture this: Walter White fakes his death, gets Jesse to come back again, and they start a new life: hosting a pawn shop reality show with an illegal business on the side.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are nominated for Emmys for their roles in the final season of Breaking Bad, and Louis-Dreyfus is nominated for Best Actress for Veep.

Yeah, bi**h!

Charlie Sheen does the Ice Bucket Challenge, but with a twist!

Charlie Sheen did something unexpected with his Ice Bucket Challenge. The challenge was started to raise awareness for the ALS Association which has been on the top of the viral videos list for the past week.

Check out Charlie Sheen’s Ice Bucket Challenge:


Little League coach gives touching speech to his kids after being eliminated from the tournament

The speech this coach gave to his crying team after they lost at the Little League World Series is the most heartfelt, inspiring thing you’ll hear today.

The Cumberland American’s lost 8-7 in the Little League World Series last night. The kids were extre upset and crying after the game. Here’s Coach David Belisle and his inspiring words:


3 Crazy Unbelievable Accidents Caught on Video

Ninja Motorcyclist


9 Hilarious Versions of the Unimpressed Lizard Meme

Redditor ehar101 uploaded an image that his girlfriend sent him to the photoshop battles subreddit so photoshop wizards can edit this unimpressed lizard into some funny and awesome photos! The results are magnificent.

Here’s the original image.

original unimpressed lizard


All Nose, And No Mouth

Don’t ask us why… It’s just funny!

the royal family nosemouth

It’s a simple yet creative (and kinda weird) way to manipulate celebrity photos; enlarge nose, remove mouth. Phil Pastore created his blog, Nosemouth, back in 2011 with a Photoshopped image of President Obama, but the site was inactive for a few years until a few new addition sent the Nosemouth blog to Tumblr’s trending blogs.