10 Most Dangerous Roads In The World

Each year, about 1.3 million people die in traffic accidents around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the current decade, “A decade of action for road safety.”

Traffic accident don’t always happen because of driver’s negligence or poor driving skills, there are unfortunately some roads that test the skill, and courage, of any driver. Here are some of the world’s most dangerous roads.

Alabama’s ‘Highway to Hell’

Alabama’s ‘Highway to Hell’
US Highway 431, a 353 mile stretch of road running from the Alabama-Tennessee line down to Dothan, Ala. and commonly referred to as the “Highway to Hell,” has just been named one of the world’s most dangerous roads.

According to DrivingExperiences.com, the primary hazards on this highway are “poor visibility, high speeds and sudden 2-4 lane changes.” There were 33,808 road deaths in the United States last year, and US 431 was the country’s 4th most deadly road.

via yellowhammernews.com


Awesome Costume Ideas For Twins

Halloween is just a week away! Have you already come up with a costume idea for your kids? Here are some clever costume ideas we found that work best for twins but could also work if you have kids with a small age difference.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

salt and pepper shaker halloween costume twins

This salt and pepper shaker kid costume is perfect for twins. It comes with 2 costumes, one salt and hat, one pepper and hat.

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Watch a bunch of idiots run straight into a spinning metal thing


Dave Fothergill, a talented 3D animation artist, has created a cool 3D animation of a bunch of people running right into into a rotating metal platform. It’s really cool to watch and at first a bit hard to tell that it’s not real!


Guy falls into water on live TV trying to take a selfie

Cameras caught this guy in the background of a live news interview, trying to take a selfie, or possibly a photo of the interview. The video is only 17 seconds long and looks to be from a live Lebanese TV feed in which a man is being interviewed.


Afroman Releases a Positive Remix of ‘Because I Got High’ to Support Marijuana Legalization

because i got high

Nearly 13 years after the release of “Because I Got High,” Afroman is back in the spotlight with a “positive” remix of his hit song. This time, he is releasing a new video advocating the legalization of pot.


Donald Trump Got Tricked Into Retweeting a Photo of Serial Killers

Donald Trump, once again, is the laughing stock of Twitter! He was tricked into tweeting a picture of two serial killers.

This brilliant prank began by a tweet from Phil Bradbury, asking Trump for a favor:

And since Mr. Big Ego loves to show how much his fans love him, he quickly retweeted @feckhead’s tweet!


Companies Make Fun of Apple Over Bendgate

iphone in back pocket

It seems like just about every brand out there is trying to take advantage of Apple’s nightmare! Recent reports indicate that the new iPhone is prone to bending! Apple says only 9 people have reported their iPhones being bent but a quick search on Twitter says otherwise. Nonetheless that is big problem for Apple.

The first company to take a jab at Apple was, of course, Samsung!

Followed by HTC and LG!

Watch A Giant Grouper Swallow A 4-Foot Shark In One Terrifying Bite

This is definitely something you don’t see everyday! Apparently this goliath grouper’s mom never told him to not eat anything bigger than his head.