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You Simply Can’t Argue With Goats (19 Photos)

you simply can't argue that goats 00
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Did You Know How These 30 Companies Got Their Names?

Did you know how these companies got their names 001

Vodafone stands for VOice, DAta, teleFONE.
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Is Youtube Awesome at Ad Targeting or Just Super Lucky? (19 Photos)

It Can’t Be An Accident, But Just Perfectly Timed YouTube Ads 001
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Artist Creates Shelter For The Homeless Out of Trash (15 Photos)

Gregory Kloehn goes dumpster diving not to find food, but to find useful pieces of plywood and material he could use to help the homeless in Oakland, California.

Here he is digging through trash to find anything that could be used on his project.
Artist Gregory Kloehn Creates Home For Homeless From Garbage 001

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40 Awesome Custom Shift Knobs

40 Awesome Custom Shift Knobs 001
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Modern Art Haircuts By Rob The Original (31 Photos)

Modern art Haircuts by Rob the Original 001
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Paper Cutouts Of Cartoon Characters By Lowra (11 Photos)

Paper cutouts of cartoon characters By Lowra 001
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The Dumbest People Comment On Facebook (30 Photos)

The Dumbest People Comment On Facebook 001
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