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The Real Life World Record Holder (12 Photos)

The real life world record holder has 55ft (1.68 m) long dreadlocks.
This Is Not A Fake It’s Real.
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Armored Combat Helmets from an Era Gone-by

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33 Things You Were Afraid Of During Your Childhood

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25 Odd Food Tattoos

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World’s Widest Hips (7 Photos)

She has 4 kids and attributes her large hips to childbirth.
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Meet Hernandez Garrido With 24 Fingers (5 Photos)

Meet 37 years old Cuban man Hernandez Garrido nicknamed as “twenty-four”. He lives in Cuba in the city of Baracoa and is quite popular because of the unusual anatomy of his body. On each of his limbs he has 6 fingers!
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Moving 8.28 Tons with one Ear

Two days ago a 32-year-old Lasha Patara – Georgia champion in Greco-Roman wrestling created a new world record in a rather strange “force” category, moving a truck of total weight 8.28 tons, with the aid of a rope attached to his ear. Georgian athlete managed to smuggle a truck around 21.5 meters, securing a place in the Guinness Book of Records. For this event, he was preparing for two months.
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Wine Expert Sets World Record for Holding Wine Glasses! (7 Photos)

43 year old, British sommelier, Philip Osentona set a new record for the number of wine glasses that could be held in one hand.
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