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18 Awesome 2013 April Fools’ Day Pranks

by Ramon

Google Maps adds a treasure map feature

Google introduces search-by-smell feature “nose”

Google makes Gmail blue

Google+ introduces “Emotions+” to add feelings to your pictures


Google Australia lets you spiffy up your house on street view with “schmick


Google Apps creates a levity algorithm

Vimeo turns into Vimeow, a cat video site


Skype launches a space calling program, to keep in touch with friends and family in the cosmos

space calling

Change.org launches TheSame.biz — “the world’s premiere do-nothing platform, empowering people everywhere to demand that nothing deviate from the present”


Scope releases bacon-flavored mouthwash

Sony creates headphones for cats


HootSuite creates HootFoil, a new security system to protect personal online data

Twitter now charges $5 per month to use vowels in tweets


White House makes announcement using Kid President

Virgin Atlantic Airlines creates glass bottomed airplane


Kayak adds online dating to their site


Seamless allows you to upgrade your delivery person

YouTube says it’s shutting down and picking a “best video” winner

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