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3 Love Stories of Big Celebrities

by Ramon

Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge

The love story of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge evokes amusement even among the most inveterate skeptics. They met while studying at a university. The first meeting was remembered by both of them for a long time: during the beauty contest, Katherine came to the podium in a transparent dress. We do not know what impressed the royal heir more – such a bold outfit or Katherine’s body, but William was completely overwhelmed.

For three years they were simply bound by friendship, until one day the prince invited Kate to celebrate Christmas with the royal family. The expression of the ardent feelings of the couple was the most sought after thing among all the paparazzi in the world. William and Kate found it hard to be left alone. Upon graduation, the prince went to serve in the army, and the future duchess remained in London and was forced to repulse herself. They weren’t in a hurry to get married. It is said that Queen Elizabeth II herself advised William to check his feelings and then marry. Kate wasn’t in a hurry as well. “I know that as soon as I get married, everyone will be waiting for me to have an heir. But I don’t want to hurry with the birth of children,” Kate told her friend one day in secret. She changed her mind when she saw pictures of William entertaining himself in a club in the company of his army friends and unfamiliar women. Kate’s despair reached the limit, and the couple decided to break up. However, as it turned out later, William and Katherine weren’t able to imagine their lives without each other.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

They met at the filming of the sitcom “70s Show”. Mila was 14 and Ashton was 19, and according to the script they were supposed to play lovers. The actors were so involved in the role that they didn’t even notice how they began to spend days and nights all together. So, in the life of a very young Mila, there was lots of partying in the company of a man, who was obsessed with women and seducing them with his romantic gestures. Later in an interview, the girl confessed: “I had never kissed a man in my life before 70s Show.” The relationship between Mila and Ashton in that period of life cannot be called serious.

They had lots of fun, and when the time came, everyone went their own way. Mila began an eight-year romance with Macaulay Culkin, and Ashton settled down and married Demi Moore. During this period, the friendship of the actors disappeared. Everything changed after Mila found out from the tabloids that Ashton’s marriage to Demi Moore was falling apart. She was very much worried about her childhood friend. Then they’ve started meeting each other again and then their relationship grew into something a lot bigger than just friendship.

Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni

The romance between former French President Nicolas Sarkozy and a model Carla Bruni was quite a rapidly-developing one. He was a poor immigrant, she was a successful and famous model. It would seem that there can be common ground between such different people. But the reality was different.

They met at a reception in the house of the famous advertising genius Jacques Seguela. It is noteworthy that only married couples were invited to the reception and only Nicolas and Karl came alone. Later, of course, they found out that their meeting was not at all an accident, but, at that time, Nicolas just divorced his second wife and needed a new romantic partner. Nicolas did not put great hopes on this blind date, he just wanted to have some fun. But fate made its adjustments, and the beauty of Carla Bruni struck him to the depths of the soul.

They played the wedding only three months after they’ve met. The press wrote that such a rush was due to the upcoming visit of Sarkozy to Buckingham Palace. The President could not present Carla as his girlfriend to Queen Elizabeth II. At the wedding, which took place in the Elysee Palace, there were only 20 guests. Journalists dubbed this relationship a business project, in which everyone received their dividends. But after many years, Carla and Nicolas are still together. And in 2011, their first common child, daughter Julia, was born.

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