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4 Video Games that Get You Moving!

by Guest Author

Have you ever heard that video games rot your brain? Well here’s great news for both your brain and your body. With the latest video game consoles, some games can actually help you stay in shape, isn’t that awesome!

Wii Sports

Wii Sports can really get your blood pumping. Bundled with every Nintendo Wii, it is one of the best active video games. I like Wii sports because it features baseball, golf, bowling, tennis and boxing.

While Wii Sports is fun to play by yourself, the fun factor increases by 1,000 when you play with others.

My personal favorite sport to play with others in Wii Sports is definitely golf. The anticipation while watching the ball fly through the air is really exhilarating. And the excitement of getting a hole in one is almost unparalleled.

If you want more out of their Wii Sports experience you should check out Wii Sports Resort. Wii Sports Resort is the sequel to Wii Sports and pack loads of new games to play.

Fencing, cycling, canoeing and many others are welcome additions to the series. Wii Sports Resort also features improved motion controls thanks to its use of the Wii Motion Plus add-on.

Rock Band – Xbox 360, Wii and PS3

Do golf and tennis bore you? If so, maybe you’d rather shred a guitar, bang on the drums, or scream out some vocals in Rock Band!

Rock Band has gotten tons of awards for its great gameplay, song choice and character customization. However, it doesn’t stop there.

The biggest highlight of Rock Band is definitely its huge library of downloadable songs. Don’t let the fact that it’s a video game fool you, the online store big enough to compete with many music download services.

Plus, you’re able to upload your own songs. Which means Rock Band’s music library is getting bigger every day.

A feature that is often overlooked is Rock Band’s online multiplayer. If you have enough friends online, you can form an online band. Also, you can have guitar duels, drum battles and even sing offs with other players online.

Kinect Sports

If you don’t own a Wii but you’ve always wanted the experience what Wii Sports offers, Kinect Sports for the Xbox 360 is for you! Kinect Sports uses the Kinect sensor to track your body’s motions while you play sports like soccer and volleyball.

Something that Kinect Sports does that no other motion controlled sports game can do is it involves your feet in gameplay. That way you will be working the upper and lower halves of your body.

If you’re looking for a hard workout, the best place to go in Kinect Sports is Track and Field. Track and Field breaks down into hurdle, discus, long-jump and sprint.

All of these modes make great use of your entire body and you’ll definitely build up a healthy sweat by the end of a play session.

Just Dance 3 – Xbox 360, Wii and PS3

Over the years we’ve seen many dance games come and go. And for a long time you had to buy large dance mats if you wanted to play them.

With the introduction of motion controlled gaming on the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360, a dance mat is no longer required.

Just Dance 3 tracks your movements by using the Wii Remote, Playstation Move or Xbox 360 Kinect. The game does a great job of tracking your body’s movements on every platform and rarely mistracks anything.

One of the biggest highlights of Just Dance 3 is its song list. The game features a staggering 48 songs with many more available for download. If that number doesn’t seem very large to you, remember that all of the songs are dance focused.

So now that you know some awesome games to get your blood pumping, it’s time to moving.

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