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5 Car Mod No No’s

by Guest Author

Since cars were first produced people have been finding ways of putting a little bit of themselves into them. They have been personalized, decorated, and modded. Every year there is a new fad, a new style and a new way of coming up with the ugliest cars out there. Here are a few I have found that should stay in the garage.

Holy Crap-mobile Batman!

Before inheriting his family fortune, even Batman had to get around. During his college days he didn’t get a lot of phone numbers with this ride.

Night Rider:

There are a lot of ways to save on car insurance. There is even specialized insurance for modded cars. This however won’t get you a discount. The “bright” side is that you will be the first car seen from space if you’re parked under a street light.

Sittin’ Big:
40” Rims

Car: $300
Rims: $3000
Having your friends sign your cast when you fall out of your car: Priceless
I have never understood this trend. I probably never will.

Gypsy Drivin’:

In today’s failing economy, everyone is looking for ways to cut cost. Why commute to work when you can live in the parking lot?

What the …?

This has to be my favorite. I sat for ten minutes trying to think of a caption for this, and I came up with nothing. This isn’t the first car I have seen with this style and I have no idea where to get the lip. Even though this may be one of the ugliest cars I have seen, it does serve a purpose. Top down in the summer, snow plow in the winter.

The world of cars is constantly changing, but not all change is good. As long as there are people who are willing to go to the extremes with their cars, there are people who will find the pictures.


About the author: Marcie McDonald serves as a car insurance consultant in the UK. She says to check cheapestcarinsurance.org.uk when you find yourself needing special car insurance policies such as temporary car insurance or even just modified car insurance policies.

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