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8 Cool Body Art On Fingers

by Surveer

Body art was attracted the attention of honesty and attractiveness. No wonder this kind of art so fond of advertisers. Drawing an interesting picture on plain paper, very few people will notice. But if you draw the same on the finger, the effect of advertising will increase significantly. British photographer Ray Massey has devoted much time body-art.

His photographs are skillfully painted with hands and fingers cause some illusion – not immediately realize that the figures are just out of hand.

How you looked at the picture with a fountain pen, it is hard to believe that it was simply painted on the finger of the hand.

Modern art is not only multifaceted, but sometimes it not predictable. One of original manifestations is the body art.

Although the drawings on the body are no longer a surprise, each time coming up with the artists in this area is something new and differ from the other works.

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