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Bizarre College Classes

by Guest Author

When attending a traditional college, choosing classes can be a difficult experience. Often times, the classes that are attractive or necessary are already full and no longer available. So, a different class, that may not be a requirement or even of any interest, has to be chosen instead. In addition, there is the stress and time involved in registering. However, there is an alternative. Online classes are rarely filled to capacity. Plus there are many very interesting and bizarre courses that are offered online. Many of these classes can be very entertaining, yet still useful in a person’s daily life.

One of the business courses available is Dealing Tactfully with Difficult People. While this may not sound like a beneficial classes at first glance, everyone has experiences with “difficult people” throughout their life. This class teaches a person to place their difficult people into categories. It then teaches them how to best approach and deal with each person effectively to reduce the effects of stress and the amount of time required when dealing with that person. If a person is taught to handle each type of difficult individual, what could have turned out to be a negative experience could be turned into a mutually positive experience. When involved in the business world, it is very important to understand how to remain in control and composed at all times as well as how to deal with each individual tactfully.

Another online course option is the Private Investigator. This course focuses on preparing a person for a career investigating insurance fraud or a position in security. With additional classes in business, the next step could be to become a private investigator with the potential to open up their own Private Investigator Office.

Online teaching is another option. This course is exactly what the name implies. It teaches a person how to instruct online courses. These courses are for the teachers out there who would prefer to stay at home rather than make the daily commute.

Yet another very interesting course that is offered online is Facial Reconstruction. This is a class that teaches a person how to put back together the pieces of a broken or fragmented human skull. This course focuses on different 3D techniques for facial reconstruction and teaches how to sketch a person’s face by just using the skull. This is a perfect class for those who are interested in entering a career in forensics.

The courses discussed above are just a small glimpse into all of the very different and bizarre college classes that are offered online. No matter what career is being pursued or what subject a person is interested in, there is probably an online college course available.

About the author: Marc McDermott is the Online Marketing Manager at Merchant Express, a full-service merchant services provider that has helped thousands of businesses with their credit card processing needs since 1998.

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