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Even Camels have Beauty Contests!

by Surveer

Camels are found throughout India, Pakistan and other Middle East countries. These amazing camel are not just hard workers, which is used in the household. In addition, they give milk, and their meat is widely used in food. But camels are also an integral part of the world-renowned festivals, such as Bikaner Camel Festival, which took place in Rajasthan, India, and the camel beauty contest in Abu Dhabi and the desert Cholistan in Pakistan.

Photographer Osakabe Yasuo whose work we present to you today, says that the creation of such a work of art takes up to three years. In the first two years, camel hair just grows, it is only slightly shortened in a special way. In the third year, on the eve of festivals, camel hair cut off to form complex patterns of great beauty, and painted in a special way. The results you can see below.

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