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Pillars of Creation located in the Eagle Nebula (16 Photos)

by max4u

The famous Hubble picture, known as the “Pillars of Creation” located in the Eagle Nebula. Here is the active region of star formation.
Shocking fact that the “Pillars of Creation” were destroyed by a supernova explosion about 6000 years ago. But since the nebula is located about 7000 light years from Earth, observe Pillars will be about another thousand years, the information obtained by infrared telescope Spitzer.

The Pillars of Creation – a surprisingly slim and beautiful structures in the Eagle Nebula, photographed in 1995 with the Hubble.

These columns of gas – one of the most recognizable images of the cosmos.
Eagle Nebula. Pillars of Creation, then you can see almost exactly in the center:

At this point, is born a new star, and astronomers of the future will be able to see it in all its glory.

Another elongated gas cloud in the Eagle Nebula.

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