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The Blue Pond in Hokkaido Changes Colors Depending on the Weather

by max4u

Filed under: Places I Want To Visit. If you’re a Mac user you may be familiar with the “Blue Pond” located in Hokkaido. The OS X Mountain Lion wallpaper, as well as these images you see here, were all photographed by Ken Shiraishi, who calls this pond “The Most Beautiful Pond In The World!”

According to the photographer, who made a pilgrimage up to Northern Japan last month to take these shots, the water contains a high degree of aluminum hydroxide, which reflects blue light – a phenomenon responsible for our lovely blue skies. Shiraishi spent several days up there photographing the pond in various light.




How to get there: the closest train station is Biei Station. It’s about a 2-hr train ride from Sapporo Station. You can also drive from Sapporo but that will also take about 2 hours. But beware: once heavy snows set in the pond becomes inaccessible. So it’s best to go before November. (Google Map)
Via: Kent Shiraishi | MyModernMet | spoon-tamago

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