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The Domino Effect

by Guest Author

1. Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos Experiments II – The Domino Effect

The guys from EepyBird have created a number of videos that really have to be seen to be believed. Check out what happens when you combine 251 bottles of Diet Coke with 1,506 Mentos mints and discover what you can achieve with way too much time on your hands – it’s incredibly cool.


2. Guinness Advert

Filmed as part of a £10 million advertising campaign this TV ad was one of the most expensive in Guinness’s marketing history. Set in Argentina, the commercial stars hundreds of native villagers and shows a brilliantly executed domino rally featuring everything from cars to hay bales and grandfather clocks.


3. OK Go

Well-known for their quirky music videos, US rock band OK Go have become a YouTube sensation and the following video for “This too Shall Pass” is well-worth checking out. Featuring impressive kinetic art started by the nudge of a red toy car, this is certainly one imaginative clip.


4. Sirius Radio

This ad for Sirius Satellite Radio is seriously cool and must have taken hours to perfect. Short but sweet this video shows how if you get it right, the domino effect can look pretty spectacular.


5. Miller

One of the best ads ever made was for Miller beer and features a human domino effect. With hundreds of people dropping like flies, this is definitely a fun way to catch the attention of potential buyers – genius.


6. Honda

A Hugely successful commercial, this advert was created to promote the Accord seventh generation line of cars and was released in 2003. Four days of filming were required to get two sixty second shots which were then stitched together.


7. Vodafone Italy

A fantastic ad from Vodafone to promote their “Smart” tariffs, this advert is certainly innovative and a pleasure to watch. The ending is pretty fabulous – so check it out.


8. Promo

This clever video keeps you in suspense right from the start as you wonder what is being created out of dominos – click below to find out.


9. Coins

A fantastic domino effect using pound coins, this is an eye-catching and fascinating advert that would have taken great patients. The caption at the end implies 10,000 coins were used – which is easy to believe – and the ad really is visually impressive.


10. Rolling Ball Sculpture

This Rolling Ball Sculpture is on display at Columbia Basin Pediatric Dentistry in Kennewick, WA. Fascinating to watch, this is sure to keep anyone entertained for hours.

After watching these incredible videos, why not create your own domino effect at home using whatever you can find?

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