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What is the probability of winning a lottery jackpot?

by Ramon

Lotteries on the Internet are becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly due to the fact that thanks to the Internet, people from everywhere can participate in different lotteries all over the world. This is completely legal and can be done without any problems and without much effort. If you win a prize, the providers notify you by message. In this way a prize cannot be forgotten or overlooked by mistake. But what about the probability of winning? We have summarised this clearly for you in this article.

This is the probability of winning a lottery jackpot

Many people wonder what the chances are of winning a first prize in the classic lottery 6aus49. It is about 1:140 million for the main prize, meaning that six correct numbers have been selected and the additional number also matches. In concrete terms, this means that out of a crowd of 140 million people a main prize will be won. Does it? In fact, the figure of 140 million refers to all possible combinations of the 49 balls and the 10 balls with the extra number, but not to the number of lottery players.

These are the other chances of winning the lottery

The exact chance of winning the lottery in winning class 1 is 1:139,838,160. The number is then rounded up to 140 million to make it easier to read. Assuming that the main prize goes to a single person, they will receive a payout share of 12.8 per cent of the quantities in play. First, a fixed amount for the lowest prize category is deducted from this sum. This means that the prize pot no longer contains the total sum of all the proceeds for the lottery tickets. In fact, half of the revenue is retained for the lottery companies, administrative costs and taxes.

In the classic 6 out of 49, players need two correct numbers and the correct super number for the lowest winning class. In the lowest of all winning classes a fixed amount of 5 euros is paid out. The probability of winning the lottery in this class is 1:76. In the following winning class, the theoretical win is twice as high. A further class above this, the prize doubles to 20 to 30 euros. The exciting thing is that the chance of winning in category 8 with 3 correct numbers without the super number is actually slightly higher than in category 9.

The chance of the great luck of the many money

The numbers speak for themselves and at first glance do not give much hope of hitting the jackpot. Nevertheless, this is no reason not to fill out a lottery ticket. Compared to the small stake, the size of the jackpot is a not very realistic, but not impossible possibility to finally be financially independent. One, one or more will hit the luck of the big win and those who do not risk anything will not win anything. This applies to the whole life but especially to lottery playing.

On the platform onlinelotto365.com all popular lotteries of the whole world are clearly listed. Of course, it doesn’t always have to be the same mega jackpot. Playing the lottery offers the chance to win even small sums. And as is well known, even small and medium amounts can take some financial worries off your shoulders.

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