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Hilarious stories seen in the local news headlines

Hilarious stories 01

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Epic grammar and spelling fails that will have you weeping for the future (27 Photos)

grammar fail 01

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Epic Construction Fails (30 Photos)

Construction Fails 01

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Hilarious transportation pics to tickle your soul (26 Photos)

Hilarious transportation 01

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People who are having a really bad day (28 Photos)

When you are having a bad day, you may feel like it’s the worst in the entire universe. Then you may wanna take a look at these people.

bad day 01

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Hilarious and weird places people fall asleep (30 Photos)

Some people can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. And this is the proof!

weird places 01

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Guy smashed $70,000 camera while trying it out (Video)

Trying a little too hard to demo how good their steadicam vest is, when….

Totally drunk people and their funny pics they left behind (28 Photos)

Alcohol does weird things to people, if you don’t agree take a look at these photos as proof.

Totally drunk 1

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