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World’s Richest Breakthrough Singers

We love to sing that is the second nature of man, as i know. That’s definitely the reason why we love to idolize great singers who signifies our frustration in singers. There over million of singers in the world and among them are the Three outstanding singers not just in Voice but also in Monetary aspect.

Want to know them? Scroll down.

Paul McCartney

Guess who’s on the top? Now wonder that the former Beatle is one of the world’s richest musicians. Even after a costly divorce, Sir Paul’s net worth is estimated at $660 million. The richest Beatle chose wise legal council, and invested in song publishing rights. Being a member of The Beatles, who have sold over 170 million albums in the United States alone.  They’re Legendary artist!


Jay z in the house! Last 2007, Forbes posted Jay-Z’s worth at $150 million. Since then, he’s sold Rocawear for $204 and made a $150 million deal with Live Nation. That’s $504 million, not considering deals with Budweiser and Armadale Vodka, and proceeds from 2009’s multiplatinum “Blueprint 3”. He’s definitely a breakthrough artist worth millions of dollars!


Considered as the world’s richest and wealthy female singer of Forbes, Madonna is really someone to look up to. Not just because of her majestic voice but also with her enchanting wealth! With an estimate of $325 million as of 2007. The material girl reaps huge dividends from her tours, and she’s had a few since ‘07. Her vanity label, Maverick Records, has grown into a respectable institution, netting Madonna millions. She definitely is an awarded Material Girl!

They not must be envied rather they should be an inspiration for new upcoming singers to work hard in their own craft!