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10 Most Bizarre Body Modifications

by derek

Self expression varies from cultures and individuals from across the world. Here is a look at some of the weirdest and most bizarre body modifications.

Lip stretching is a practice that has been around since 8700 BC. The question is, how do you eat with the disks in?

A pierced uvula? I would make sure to chew extra carefully before swallowing.

Teeth Chiseling is a tradition often performed without any anesthesia by the Mentawai people in Indonesia. If you’re thinking about doing it- I suggest downing a bottle of vodka.

We get that a corset sucks everything in to the extreme. But where does everything go (fat, muscle, organs elect)? The though is rather nauseating.

Extraocular Implant- also known as eyeball jewelry. Basically- it’s a piece of surgical steel embedded into your eyeball. Sounds safe.

Neck elongation- a practice still used in some Asian and African cultures. It’s apparently a symbol of beauty. I’m wondering what happens when the rings are taken off?

I’m not sure that wearing a t-shirt or shoes would be even be an option right now.

Horn implants are a usually a silicone mold that is placed underneath the skin. The skin forms around the mold and hooray- you have horns.

Believe it or not- but cornea tattooing is also performed for improvement of sight. It is also done for “cosmetic purposes.”

The tongue zipper. This one doesn’t have any historical reference. It’s just crazy.

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