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“Hello” in 25 Different Styles



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Afroman Releases a Positive Remix of ‘Because I Got High’ to Support Marijuana Legalization

because i got high

Nearly 13 years after the release of “Because I Got High,” Afroman is back in the spotlight with a “positive” remix of his hit song. This time, he is releasing a new video advocating the legalization of pot.

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24 Awesomely Bad Rap Album Covers

24 Awesomely Bad Rap Album Covers 001
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Can’t Believe This Entire Dance Video Was Created in One Take!

A Priest Stuns Wedding Guests With Unbelievable Performance Of “Hallelujah”

As Chris and Leah O’Kane wait to finally say their vows, Father Ray Kelly steals the show for a few minutes. Father Kelly sings Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at Oldcastle Church in Meathe, Ireland using his own lyrics, tailored to the happy couple.

This Is What DJs Do These Days!

Did you like that marvelous perfomance? Here are some more:
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This Trombone Loop Cover Of “Happy” Is Seriously Impressive