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Longboarder Soars Down Colorado Hill at 70mph!

Functional V6 Engine Model Made Completely Out of Paper

‘Game Of Thrones’ And ‘Super Mario World’ Intro Mash-Up

Awesome Mash-Up Of Minions And Fast And Furious Trailers

Tug of Oar

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Don’t Watch This If You’re Afraid of Flying

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This Guy Gave A Homeless Man $100, Then Followed Him To See How He Spends It… You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

Josh Paler Lin wanted to make a video and see how his money gets spent when he gives it to a homeless person. So he gave some guy $100 and followed him around to see what he buys. The results were truly unexpected.

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Watch This Ski Video And Try Not To Piss Your Pants!

This YouTube clip by Cody Townsend, a professional skier, shows him skiing down the most insane ski line you’ll see. The narrow path is in Alaska’s Tordrillo mountains.

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