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10 Cool and Unusual Knife Holders

by Guest Author

In the kitchen, there’s nothing more boring than the knife holder. It’s usually a simple wooden block or a tray tucked away in a drawer. However, these designers dared to be unique, many with hilarious results.

1. The Head Knife Block

Have you always admired the work of Hannibal Lector and wanted to try piercing someone’s skull to eat his or her brains? Well, now your morbid curiosity can be quelled with this wooden knife block. Hand-carved in the shape of a human head, you can happy store your knives in the head of this dummy.

2. Fanned Wooden Block

This is actually a pretty unique storage block because it offers each knife its own storage block. Flaunt your knives as you would a wad of bills or a collection of aces.

3. Bullseye Knife Holder

Make your friends think you’re an expert knife thrower by having this cool thing in your kitchen. However, you might not want to try throwing your knives at this target to see if they make it in the holder.

4. Cow Knife Holder

From the makers of the Bullseye Knife Holder comes this knife block that doesn’t beat around the bush. You’re probably going to be using the knives to cut a lot of beef, so there’s no better way to store them than in the back of a cow. As an added bonus, it also teaches the various cuts.

5. The Ex Knife Set

If you’ve ever been jilted by a former lover and want to seek a constructive outlet for your hatred, pick up this Ex Knife Holder. Get the satisfaction of stabbing your knives through poor figure whose face will be very clear in your mind.

6. Glowing Knife Block

Launch your kitchen into the 21st century with this futuristic knife block that glows in the dark. It also changes the intensity of the light depending on how many knives are in the block because it detects the weight of the knives. For being such a cool knife block, it’s surprising that a mere three knives fit. Does the modern kitchen need any more things to plug in?

7. Floating Knife Holder

Give the illusion that your knives are magically hovering between two metal rods with this holder. The knives are really enclosed in a translucent cover, so they aren’t exposed to the elements.

8. Croucher Knife Holder

A new twist on the old assistant in a box magician trick, this knife block features a tiny man cowering in fear as knives protrude through the ceiling and dangling dangerously over his head.

9. The Cat

You can interpret this knife block in two ways. You can see it as a way to express your disdain for cats by constantly sticking a knife in its back or see it as a way to express your love of cats with yet another feline decoration.

10. Throwzini Knife Block

The Throwzini Knife Block takes the throwing knife bullseye to the next level by adding a human figure to up the ante. The block also rotates to fully simulate those old-fashioned spinning targets.


About the author: Timothy Martinez Jr. is a freelance writer and writes about pocket knives for Knife Depot.

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