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Bacon Gift Ideas

by Guest Author

Pretty much everyone who eats meat loves Bacon. But Bacon should be edible and eaten for breakfast or lunch either in a sandwich or with a salad.

But Bacons popularity has taken it into mainstream use the distinctive red and white striped meat can be found in novelty gift shops too! Not just with the standard ideas like an eraser or a keyring, Bacon is appearing on pretty much everything…


Bacon Watch

Bacon Watch
Time to eat Bacon!

This replica bacon watch works just like a watch but looks like a piece of bacon wrapped around your wrist. It’s a pretty standard watch with a bacon theme for the real bacon enthusiast.

Want to get yourself a Bacon Watch? They’re available here


Bacon Envelopes

So you love bacon and have 100’s of envelopes to stuff.  You don’t like the taste so you need a solution.

Why not bacon flavoured envelopes!

Mmmvelope were invented to solve the issue of horrible tasting envelopes. Who knows where this could end. What other food flavoured stationary will we see?

Looking to add some flavour to your next letter? Get Mmmvelopes here

Bacon Sunglasses

Bacon Sunglasses
Only 50 pairs were made so chances are you missed your chance, but these designer shades by DQM and Oakley Frogskin are baconlicious.

Luckily the frames are designed to look like bacon, otherwise sunbathing could end with a tasty treat!


Bacon Lip Gloss

You can grab your fix of bacon lip balm over at Amazon where you can make everything taste like bacon, yummy!

The balm is actually made of beeswax, aloe vera, Vitamin E acetate and of course, simple bacon flavouring so it isn’t really that bad.

Although, if you plan on kissing your vegetarian partner I wouldn’t expect much reciprocation!


About the author: My name is Heather and I believe food should be fun! If you were looking for a novelty Bacon gift I hope I have helped! If you are looking to buy bacon online then visit Westin Gourmet for the best quality gourmet bacon.

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