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8 Most Fascinating Medical Miracles

by Ramon

There are some things in this life that we just can’t explain, like what really happens in the Bermuda Triangle or what the Loch Ness Monster actually looks like. But when it comes to medical miracles, sometimes there are no explanations needed. This list of the most fascinating medical miracles will either blow your mind or make your feel a tinge of invincibility.

47-Story Fall Survivor

After falling 47 stories from a New York Skyscraper, a 37-year-old window washer didn’t die but went into a coma only to awake three weeks later. Doctors couldn’t risk moving him to an operating room because of such bad shape he was in. He came out of the coma on Christmas day and doctors predicted he would be walking one year later.

A Broke-Back Model

A 70-miles an hour, Katrina Burgess’ car crash left her with a broken neck and back, punctured lung, broken pelvis and leg. Doctors were able to insert a rod from her hip to her knee secured with four titanium pins and then six metal rods up her spine, finished off with a titanium screw to fix her fragile, broken neck. Only one day after the final operation she was walking again and four months later in no pain. She even went on to do some modeling.

Grandma- Mommy

At 70 years old Devi Lohan gave birth to her first child. Lohan and her husband had been praying for a child for years, and although she no longer has a straight back she can hold and care for her baby with no problems.

Jack the Knife Head

The man to survive the largest object inserted and then successfully removed from his head was stabbed with an eight-inch knife when he answered his door. He was able to walk to a friend’s house and have the object removed four hours later. He had to spend two weeks in the hospital and now suffers from seizures.

One Became Two

A Colorado couple were given the choice of terminating one of the baby girls they were expected. Instead, doctors opted to perform a laser surgery in the womb to detach the two growing girls, cauterizing the vessels that connected them. Both girls were born healthy and thriving and mom was just fine.

The Girl With No Heart

She was able to live four months without a heart. A 17-year-old finally made it to the top of the heart transplant list; it wasn’t until after doctor’s removed her heart that they realized the donor organ failed to function properly. Doctors devised a two-pump situation to keep her blood pumping without any heart present in her body. She was able to survive long enough to receive a successful heart transplant and, days later, a kidney transplant.

The Headless Hockeyman

A car accident literally severed his skull from his vertebrae and with a one-percent chance to live. Just months later the boy was playing air hockey in the hospital.

Twice Born Baby

Developing a tumor the size of a grapefruit, Marcie Hope McCartney was losing blood flow to her heart. With removal the only chance of survival, the baby girl was partially delivered at four ounces with the lower 80 percent of her body pulled form the womb to have the tumor removed. Ten weeks later Marcie was delivered for the second time with a clean bill of health beating her only 10 percent chance of survival of the surgery, and first birth.


Stacey Chavez is a freelance writer who focuses on education and health programs. Stacey has also written about medical college programs like medical assistant training and other health care related degree programs.

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