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Fun Winter Photo Activities

by Guest Author

The winter is a time to have fun that you can’t have any other time of year. For people who don’t get to truly enjoy the winter season, they don’t understand why I get excited when it starts to snow. While they grumble, I’m staring up at the sky in delight.

What other type of weather blankets the area you’re living in with glittery whiteness? Not to mention all of the great activities you can do in it. People just don’t get it unless they know what it’s like to really have fun in it. This year, take advantage of mother nature’s beauty. Get outside and have some snow fun!

I always loved taking a walk in the snow. You know what else was really neat? Walking across a huge lake or going ice skating. Of course, always check the the depth of the lake to make sure you don’t fall through. Don’t ever go along either.

Young or old can enjoy sledding. Get on the hill top and push yourself down. Watch out for those trees and don’t be afraid of the bumps they make the trip down even more enjoyable. Weeeee!

You can’t beat the beauty of the sunlight glowing through the trees on a cold winter morning. There’s just something so cozy about being in your comfy PJs, with a mug full of hot coffee or chocolate and just taking in the loveliness of the season.

If you have a dog, you know how much he loves to play in the fluffy snow. It can be a delight running around the yard with him while he spins around and flips the snow up in the air just to catch it in his mouth. It’s incredible how much fun he has and he doesn’t even have any idea what the stuff is that’s fallen out of the sky. You would think he would be scared to death of it!

Skiing anyone? Skiing is a great recreational sport and exercise. Even if you’ve never done it before, you can go on a trip and  take lessons. It’s a good time with friends and family. You’ll get a few laughs for sure. Okay, and if skiing scares you too much, don’t stay home. Go along to the ski resort – there’s plenty of other wintery activities you can participate in.

How can we mention winter activities without talking about the holidays? With all of the great times to be had in the winter, the holidays are one of the biggest. Whether you’re going out of town or staying close to home, you’ll find plenty to do to get ready for the hustle and bustle of the season.

After a winter of fun, you’ll need some time to unwind. The snow is good for that too. Get your cold weather gear on and have a lay in the snow. Make some snow angels and look up at the wintery sky that looks back down on you. The springtime will be here before you know it and this year you’ll say winter is just as fun as any other season of the year.

This guest blog was written by Marcelina Hardy, a freelance writer for easy website builder.

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