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15 Funny Twitter Accounts to Follow

by Ramon

Big Ben @big_ben_clock

Located “Up a Tower,” this Clock keeps time.

Shit My Dad Says @shitmydadsays

Justin Halpern chronicles his life at home with his 74-year-old father.


Shh, Don’t Tell Steve @shhdontellsteve

Steve’s roommate secretly tweets what Steve says and does.



God Damn Batman @God_Damn_Batman

Located on “the rooftop behind you,” the Batman discusses his world domination in 140 characters.


Old Man Search @oldmansearch

The “searches” of 81-year-old Norman N. who believes Twitter is how to search things on Google.


Dead By Cubicle @DeadByCubicle

A joyful Twitter narrates what it’s like to supervise a telemarketing call center staffed by ex-cons and drug addicts.

The Mime @TheMime

This mime’s fascinating tweets will keep readers on the edge of their seat.

Lord Voldemort @Lord_Voldemort7

An entertaining account of the Dark Lord’s take on the world.

Natural History Museum Whale @Nathistorywhale

The whale on the ceiling of the Natural History Museum in NYC tells all.


1st World Struggles @1stWorldStruggles

A Twitter dedicated to the ridiculous complaints we here in the 1st world spout off.

Darth Vader @darthvader

You can find Darth Vader in Empire, CO and he’ll be sure to send you lots of love and sunshine.


The Tweet of God @TheTweetOfGod

God’s musings on the world.

Chuck Norris @chuck_facts

Located “Behind You,” Chuck Norris sends daily updates on his awesomeness.

Sorority Girl Problems @SororityProblem

Sorority girls have it rough, and this Twitter tells alllll about it.



Author, Maggie Voelker, is a recent college graduate transplanted to Indianapolis, IN to work as a content writer for Socks4Life, yes, you read it correctly, socks. Outside of work Maggie is an avid concert-goer, sunglasses hoarder, beach bum, world traveler and a terrible cook.

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