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Paper Kaleidoscope By Jen Stark

by Surveer

The colorful pieces contrast with the white walls of the Martha Otero Gallery in Los Angeles, giving each one a fresh perspective. People are encouraged to focus on the details of every cut and layer. Paper cheap and available material, the work with which can give incredibly beautiful results. To the Power Of art exhibit will mesmerize people instantly.

However, to create such beauty out of paper requires not only talent, but perseverance and patience, because it is working with brittle material. Fortunately, artist Jen Stark has all of the above. This time Jen introduced viewers to their psychedelic and kaleidoscopic sculptures out of paper.

The exhibition features a number of new multi-Stark works in which visible fine clippings and carefully folded paper.

Stark uses cardboard, special knife and glue.

Stark again created a real amusement park for the eyes with a wide range of colors and repetitive sequences.

Repetitive geometric patterns in each work reflects many of the elements of life, including the transition interval and rhythm of life.


The exhibition is held in Los Angeles until November 10.


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