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Cute Puppy And Kitten are Best Friends

by Surveer

Most of the time it has been seen that cat and dog are fighting. It is said that they are enemy of each other. But there is also exceptions for their negative relationship. Little cat named Kitty found in the garden all alone. She was only one day old. Fortunately, the man who found it was a concerned and brought the baby to the center of rescue cats and dogs.

So she was not alone, workers put it in the center of a room with a puppy named Buttons, who was born at the center, but was rejected by her mother. Since then, the two are inseparable.

Employees of the center say that Kitty and buttons eat, sleep and play together.

Buttons even begins sad whine when Kitty carried into the office for cats, so she spent a bit of time “of their own.”

Buttons was born in the center with family by his brothers and sisters, but her mother rejected her because she was the smallest.

As a result, employees have to feed the center button of their own.

When brought to the center of the tiny kitten Kitty, workers decided they would be better to grow together.

“Usually we keep the cats and dogs alone, but this time we decided to put babies together, because they’re both so tiny,” – said the worker center Sasha.

Kitty buttons and put together in a cage when they were about two weeks, and since then the two are inseparable.

“Keeping them is difficult, – says Sasha. – I have to feed them every two hours, even at night. But believe me, it’s worth it. “

The long-awaited sleep after a tiring game. Although it seems someone does not want to sleep.

Buttons – puppy Jack Russell Terrier.

Employees of the center have high hopes that these cuties will be taken into a house, because they are now almost like sisters.


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