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Top 3 Scary Nails

by Guest Author

We all know that most women love to doll up and make themselves beautiful. These women can be mainly categorized into four groups. Group one is made up of women who are experts at dolling themselves up. Group two is made up of women who are good at dolling themselves up but not experts. Group three are made up of women who honestly try hard but do not have a clue. Our last group, group four, is made up of women who have gone to the extreme and actually made themselves scary.

This last group of women can be broken down into many different groups. There is the scary hair group, scary clothes group, scary piercings group, scary make-up group, and my personal favorite the scary nails group.
I have searched the internet to find my top five scary nail favorites. I hope you enjoy each.

Scary Nails #1

In 2002, Salt Lake City woman, Lee Redmond entered the Guinness World Records book for the longest fingernails on a woman. Luckily she no longer wears her scary nails. She lost her nails when she was involved in a car crash. I can’t imagine the kind of terror she must have caused in every child that saw her.

Scary Nails #2
Sponge bob nails

Sponge bob is super cute for kids pillows, pajamas, or birthday cakes but it is super scary when 10 sponge bobs are staring at your from fingernails. Not only staring at you from fingernails but from a grown woman’s. I get chills when looking at all of those wide eyed yellow faces smiling at me.

Scary Nails #3
Nail Art

These nails absolutely scare me. I mean as woman I am afraid that this lady could attack at any time. She would give “cat fight” a completely different meaning. I am not sure what women are trying to go for when they choose razor sharp fingernails. SCARY!

If you are a lady who insists on going with the most extreme fashions, then just remember that others may gasp and point fingers. We don’t mean to be rude. It is simply a shockingly different site that takes some getting used to.


About the author: Jocelyn writes about fashion. She loves writing for the nail industry and has recently fallen in love with writing about OPI Axxium

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