Home Jokes Two guys took their dogs for a stroll….

Two guys took their dogs for a stroll….

by Ramon

… and after a while the one says:
Dog Owner A: Let’s go and get something to bite at this restaurant over here.
Dog Owner B: Can’t do. They don’t accept pets.
Dog Owner A: No worries. Just follow me and do as I do.
So the guy puts on his shades and enters confidently the restaurant where he is stopped by the waiter telling him that dogs are not allowed.
Dog Owner A: But this is my guide dog.
Waiter: Oh, I am terribly sorry, but you see, we have never seen a Poodle being a guide dog before etc etc etc
Dog Owner A: Ah, its the new craze. If well trained they are remarkable guide dogs.
And he proceeds to a table. Second guy sees all this and puts on his shades as well and enters confidently, only to be stopped by the waiter: “No pets allowed”.
Dog owner B: But I am blind, this is my guide dog.
Waiter: Guide dog? It’s a Chihuahua!!!!
Dog Owner B: No way! they gave me a Chihuahua?!?!

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