6 Strange Addictions

The following is a list of some of the craziest addictions. We’re not talking about typical Charlie Sheen addictions like drugs, gambling, alcohol, or sex. This is the good stuff.

Sleeping with a Blow Dryer


Lori is obsessed with the wattage, voltage, heat settings, and soothing noise blow dryers make. According to Lori, “it’s an emotional, psychological, and physical addition.” At least she’s not sleeping with heroin?

Eating Dirt

eating dirt

Eating dirt and other non-edible items is a condition called “pica.” Other suffers of pica commonly indulge in paint, paper, chalk, and/or feces.

Consuming Cigarette Ashes & Clay


Bianca just “loves its texture.” While exploring this topic; I came across a website that promotes clay consumption. It’s suppose to suppress your appetite…but I would imagine that it’s followed by some intense constipation. Bianca must have a concrete factory in her stomach.

Attending Funerals


A Brazillian man, Luis Squarisi, is addicted to attending funerals. The first thing he does every morning is check which funerals are being held that day. He has attended every funeral in his hometown for the past 20 years. This addiction is yet to be named.

Second Life

second life

Second life is a virtual online world where people can do things that they are too scared to do in real life. Now you can virtually go to a night club, buy a pair of shoes, or have a baby. Apparently “Second Life” is a serious addiction. I found hundreds of gamers who explain their addiction. As one user describes from hubpages:

“I played SL from 07 to Jan 2011, I done it ALL inside the fantasy world of SL. I went so far as to drive 1130 miles to meet my SL “partner” needless to say, she was a huge let-down. VERY unlike her beautiful, flawless avatar with long legs, mini-skirts, perfect tan and tattoos.”

Scab Picking


Rachael spends up to two hours a day creating and picking scabs. Pain releases endorphins, which can be addicting. This addiction is particularly dangerous because it has a high chance for a staph infection.

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