8 Controversial Album Covers

Lovedrive, Scorpions

Don’t you hate when you accidentally spit your gum onto your dates bare nipple? Then you go to pull it off and it stretches like mozzarella. Worst day ever.

Hefty Fine, Bloodhound Gang

Well…that’s absolutely disgusting. Those legs are mighty little. Who wants to play footsie?

Nevermind, NirvanaThe infant genitalia is unnecessary, however the fish hooked dollar- very necessary.

Blind Faith, Blind Faith

What’s the big deal? It’s only a nude prepubescent holding a toy plane. Oh yah- it looks like she just took a hit of acid too.

Back To The Shit, Millie Jackson

Bad marketing strategy: take a picture of yourself sh&!ing and make it your album cover. Who the hell wants to see this then jam out?

Dark Side Of The Spoon, Ministry

I actually like this one a lot and don’t find anything wrong with it whatsoever. Well…maybe the cellulite ass could go.

The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking, Roger Waters

This may be degrading for some women but listen- the title of the album is “The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking. One “con:”- standing on the side of an abandon road naked with no Taco Bell.

It’s the Beatles holding a bunch of diced babies. How appropriate. This album cover was quickly changed and may be the most well known banned cover of all time.


Generosolomongo says:

i like this nervana nevermind

Generosolomongo says:

i this youtube

Metalord says:

You forgot to mention Scorpion’s “Virgin Killer” and Kruger’s “Granuloma Inguinal” and “Obsecración Al Dolor VENEZUELA”…

Zpiotrw says:

  I like  mozzarella  ;-)  

write says:

 very scary beatles album cover, thats human meat? 

Manganna2005 says:

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Grsdgsg says:

Try Cannibal Corpse’s Butchered At Birth album cover, far worse than the Beetles.

Madreaper1 says:

What about the Scorpions original album cover for Virgin Killers, or Guns and Roses Appetite for Destruction or even The Black Crowes Cover for the album Amorica

Pokerbaby7 says:

The Beatles “Butchered Babies” cover was the bands attempted swipe at Columbia Records because the record company was editing the music and giving the band no imput on the album, thus, “butchering” their “babies”. The fact the cover was put out at all is amazing and shows how little Columbia execs were paying attention to the band making them all their money.

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