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These perfectly timed pics will make you look twice (32 Photos)

You know what makes a picture amazing? I’d say it’s the timing. It’s all in the timing and that makes it unique and memorable. These pics are so perfectly timed that you will have a look at them twice.

perfectly timed pics 01

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Hilarious and weird places people fall asleep (30 Photos)

Some people can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. And this is the proof!

weird places 01

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Totally drunk people and their funny pics they left behind (28 Photos)

Alcohol does weird things to people, if you don’t agree take a look at these photos as proof.

Totally drunk 1

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Just a Normal Day On The Road (27 Photos)

It's Just A Normal Day On Road 001
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12 Funny Pregnancy Announcements

10 Funny Pregnancy Announcements 001
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9 Hilarious Versions of the Unimpressed Lizard Meme

Redditor ehar101 uploaded an image that his girlfriend sent him to the photoshop battles subreddit so photoshop wizards can edit this unimpressed lizard into some funny and awesome photos! The results are magnificent.

Here’s the original image.

original unimpressed lizard

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All Nose, And No Mouth

Don’t ask us why… It’s just funny!

the royal family nosemouth

It’s a simple yet creative (and kinda weird) way to manipulate celebrity photos; enlarge nose, remove mouth. Phil Pastore created his blog, Nosemouth, back in 2011 with a Photoshopped image of President Obama, but the site was inactive for a few years until a few new addition sent the Nosemouth blog to Tumblr’s trending blogs.

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You Simply Can’t Argue With Goats (19 Photos)

you simply can't argue that goats 00
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