Creativity From Recyclable Materials By British Artist Nick Sayers (14 Photos)

British artist Nick Sayers started making of geodesic domes and spheres from recycled materials. He neither considered any conditions nor limits itself in the choice of materials for his art objects. The only idea for the creations how you can creatively utilize everyday objects. The followings are some examples of extream kind of creativity.

The structure is made from planks and posts with advertisements for the sale of real estate.

Craft consists of 630 sticks for stirring coffee, which was done in 2520 holes. They are joined together by 1260 halved straw for cocktails.

Lamp shade made from 58 plastic bottles, which are connected to each other without glue.

Used tickets are utilised to create sphere.

In the picture – put together 270 packs of cards for poker.

Six-meter steel measuring tape.

60 different pieces of construction paper composed to made sphere.

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