The Top 5 Most Unusual Hobbies

Do you think your hobby is strange? Well, believe it or not, a lot of people have similar interests and you might be shocked to learn that your hobby may actually be one of the things that you have in common with a lot of other people.

In general, hobbies usually depict a person’s state of mind and personality. Basically, a person’s hobbies can depict that person’s overall mentality, too. In general, people have different kinds of activities that they like to do for fun, like collecting stamps, flowers, pictures or coins. However, a few other people also have eccentric and strange hobbies, like collecting shoes and unique figurines.

As strange and uncommon as you think these hobbies might be, though, they may actually be more common than you think. Here are some of the most common yet unusual hobbies out there to date.

1. Collecting Women’s Shoes

It is no secret that women love to collect shoes. However, did you know that some men love to collect women’s shoes, too? That’s right. While some men are obsessed with feet, in general, other men merely like to collect women’s sandals and shoes, perhaps to satisfy their eccentric fantasies and unknown desires. As strange as this hobby might be, a lot of men from all over the world actually do it. Some of them even collect anklets and nail paints to go with their women’s shoe collection.

2. Collecting Special Figurines

Figurines have always been a common hoppy. However, some people only collect figurines that don’t have heads, legs or hands. This may sound absurd to some people, but deformed figurine hobbyists are simply enthralled by these things, for some reason.

3. Collecting Broken Pens

It is also very common for people to collect pens, but a lot of people choose to collect unwanted and broken pens instead. Other people even prefer collecting ugly and strange pens – something that the majority of people the world over wouldn’t even think of doing to begin with.

4. Collecting Bones

Collecting bones is one of the hobbies that has been around for centuries and it actually still exists in many parts of India, Africa and Tanzania. People with tribal backgrounds are usually the ones who collect bones – be it dead human bones or animal bones. Now, these people aren’t psychotic or anything; they merely collect bones as a hobby. Although this practice isn’t as common as it once was back in the day, a lot of people are still obsessed with the thought of collecting bones.

5. Collecting Nails

A hobby that will definitely sound strange to most people is the hobby of collecting nails. Still, some people choose to cut their nails and store them somewhere or grow them extra long because they like it. Do you think that’s strange?

About the author: Pia Cammeron  was born in the United States. She currently works as an editor for a small publishing houseand has experience editing everything from corporate documents to special interest magazines.She also enjoys covering topics that is generally focused on relational database development.

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